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Galeos is equally committed to you, our loyal customer. If Galeos’ customers are for any reason unsatisfied with their purchased, we want to know. We stand behind each of our products, offering a refund or the exchange of your Galeos product for another of our products.

Quick Delivery

Quick Delivery

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Always Fresh

Always Fresh

Only fresh, all natural ingredients are used. Each Galeos recipe starts with PURE KOJI MISO (Certified Organic & Non GMO) fermented soybean-paste.  Rice vinegar, Certified NON GMO and Organic. Other fine ingredients are combined to create layers flavor.

100% Organic Food

100% Gluten Free

The MISO used in our dressings are made of organic soy beans and rice. There is no WHEAT in any of our dressings, furthermore our dressings are made of 100% NATURAL Organic ingredients and there is no artificial preservative or coloring in any of our dressings.

The Making of Galeos Salad Dressing


We offer FREE shipping on ALL our products


Free SHIPPING on every product