Our Story

        Galeos Salad Dressings began in 1996 in Newport Beach, California by Chef Andrei Leontieff. It all started in Andrei’s cafe, where he came up with dressing to use give a modern twists to his traditional European dishes. 

        Galeos Salad Dressings made its debut on the cafe’s menu that year, becoming an instant hit in the community as customers clamored for take-home portions. The pure, simple homemade creation was not only delicious, but all natural & completely organic.

Galeos Salad Dressings opened a short time later that year by the newly inspired chefs. 

        Orders poured in, gaining Galeos national attention & several awards & recognition.

The January 2005 issue of TV Guide featured contestant Kelly Minner, of one of America’s hottest reality shows, The Biggest Loser. She was quoted saying, “…I bought a lot of the foods that I liked at The Ranch, like Galeos Gourmet Salad Dressing. We ate it on everything, so I ordered it online.” She went from a size 24 to a size 8.

        Under the watchful eye of Chef Andrei, Galeos Salad Dressings continues to be prepared & bottled on site in a custom designed bottling plant in Costa Mesa, California. The entire manufacturing process is done in house, ensuring quality control from start to finish. Every drop is homemade in America. Chef Andrei’s creations & attention to detail drive the company forward, year after year. He created the first environmentally sensitive & recyclable packaging that is full color, single seam, tamper-proof shrink-wrap that covers the entire bottle.

One taste and you're hooked for life!
Chef Andrei

Why Choose Us

Fresh & Organic

All of our dressings are certified USDA Organic and consist of fresh, all natural ingredients. Galeos Dressings also utilize authentically aged Koji Miso that give these dressings their savory taste.

Free Shipping

We offer free shipping to anywhere in the US & Canada. All of our packages are carefully wrapped and secured to ensure there are no leaks or breakages.

Secure Payment

This website is built with a secure payment platform that ensures the online safety of our customers. 

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