Galeos200x250Galeos Salad Dressings began in 1996 in Newport Beach, California by Chefs, Andrei Leontieff & Gordana Samardzic; both schooled in European traditions, where an appreciation for the artistry of cooking was instilled at an early age. The European chefs opened a beach side cafe with one shared vision: a café with old European traditions & a bit of personal, innovative touch that specialized in homemade, international cuisine. In 1997, one year after opening, the café was a booming success.

Galeos Salad Dressings made its debut on the cafe’s menu that year, becoming an instant hit in the community as customers clamored for take-home portions. The pure, simple homemade creation was not only delicious, but all natural & completely organic.

Galeos Salad Dressings opened a short time later that year by the newly inspirbiggest_losered chefs. Orders poured in, gaining Galeos national attention & several awards & recognitions.

The January 2005 issue of TV Guide featured contestant Kelly Minner, of one of America’s hottest reality shows, The Biggest Loser. She was quoted saying, “…I bought a lot of the foods that I liked at The Ranch, like Galeos Gourmet Salad Dressing. We ate it on everything, so I ordered it online.” She went from a size 24 to a size 8.

Under the watchful eye of Chef Andrei, Galeos Salad Dressings continues to be prepared & bottled on site in a custom designed bottling plant in Costa Mesa, California, ensuring quality control from start to finish. Every drop is homemade in America. Chef Andrei’s creations & attention to detail did not stop with the contents of the bottles. He created the first environmentally sensitive & recyclable packaging that is full color, single seam, tamper-proof shrink-wrap that covers the entire bottle.

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