Customer Testimonials

“We’ve been using Galeo’s Miso Salad Dressing since the beginning of the 2003. As the Executive Chef for Andretti-Green Racing, the 2004 Champion of the Indy Racing League, I travel all over the country, preparing meals for thousands of sponsors and guests in our hospitality area. I serve the dressing at each event, and it is always the overwhelming favorite over any other brand. Most people can’t believe it is so low in carbs, fat and calories, yet tastes so good. Galeo’s Miso dressing is all Michael Andretti will put on his daily salad. He orders it for personal use at home as well.”

Michael Lutfy
Executive Chef
Andretti Green Racing


“Ok – You HAD to know you were getting people in NYC hooked. I haven’t found you out here. How can I get you to a more local locale? My sister started bringing your product with her when she visited from CA. Then she had to start shipping it to me, because people in my office started to… well-need you. It’s not right I tell you! (I didn’t want to share, but I understood what they were going through.) Anyway, I ordered a case, but I would LOVE to help you get a local distributor. How can I do that?”

Mary Wieland, RN
Asst. Director, Risk Management
Legal Affairs Department
Hospital For Special Surgery
New York , New York


“…I bought a lot of the foods that I liked at The Ranch, like Galeos gourmet salad dressing. It is lower in sodium, has 19 calories per tablespoon, and is delicious. We ate it on everything, so I ordered it online.”

Kelly Minner
a contestant on The Biggest Loser.
Featured in the January 2005 issue of TV Guide


“I fell in love with your Caesar dressing – in fact, each time I went to the store, I would buy a few just in case! And the just in case has just happened… I can’t find it anywhere! I was buying it at Ralphs but it seems that they aren’t carrying it anymore. Can you give me a list of stores that your product is in? My salads just aren’t the same with out it!”

Warner Bros. Pictures
Domestic Marketing
Los Angeles , California


“I bought a bottle of your Miso Caesar dressing and what you said on the bottle is certainly true… “‘One taste and you’re hooked for life.” It is SOOOO GOOD! I love that it is also low-fat and low carb! I went through it very quickly. I used it on everything… tofu, salad, chicken, salmon, celery, anything I could find. I’m going to mention it on my Yahoo Group that I’m a member of…”Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle” where we share diet and fitness tips. Thank you for your wonderful product. I’ll be sure to buy some more as well as try your other flavors.”

Carrie Mortensen


“I’m sure I sound like a complete freak, but I’m on vacation here in Florida for Bike Week, and I forgot to pack my Miso dressing. I have no idea how I’m going to “choke” down a salad without it, let alone marinate my Ahi. I’m not kidding. I have to have it !! I live in Orange County California , so I’m a local girl who could use a favor. Chef Andrei, is there anyway on Gods green earth that somebody could overnight a bottle for me. I have a credit card and I’m not afraid to use it! These dressings are a part of my daily diet, one way or another, and I won’t have a salad without it. Can you help a sister out?”

Orange County , California


“I discovered your original salad dressing when I joined Weight Watchers last year. I used to hate salad, now I love it! I always purchased the dressing at Ralph’s, but they no longer carry it. Where can I buy it? I’m desperate! I live near Pasadena .”

Cynthia Argentine
Pasadena , California


“I would love to see more recipes on your website. I would also like to know when your Miso Ginger Dressing will be out. I live in NY and love your dressings. My last order was quite large, just so I can share it with my friends. Thanks for making a great dressing with little fat.”

New York, New York


“Ralphs in Encinitas carried the Miso flavor dressing (which I stocked up on) but did not know anything about the other 2 flavors which I would also like to purchase. (My husband told me about the other flavors, which he also loved). Can you please confirm whether they have ordered the other two as well? We’ve sent our cook to 5 different places trying to locate them. If you have any communications with Ralphs in Encinitas, please let them know they have customers trying to purchase your products from their location. The sales people and manager there were unfortunately not interested in assisting us directly. We will also start checking the other locations you listed. Jimbo’s Naturally would also be a great retailer to carry your line and their service is much better than Albertson’s or Ralph’s. If all else fails, we will order by internet. We love your product and have several other people interested in buying the complete line of products but we’re frustrated to not find them readily available for retail purchase.”

Susan Larson
Encinitas , California